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The Connotation of the Independence Monument

For over five decades ever since Uganda got its Independence, the independence monument has imposingly stood height of 6 meters at the heart of the capital between the Sheraton Kampala Hotel, Grand Imperial Hotel and Stan-Chart bank whilst staring down at the Grand Imperial Hotel to the right and Standard Chartered Bank to the left.... View Article ...

The Beautiful Bahai Temple in Uganda Out Of Eight In The World.

Bahai temple is the dawning place of the praise of God. From miles away, a green pasture and majestic pillars can be seen on the hill, an iconic against the western horizon of Kampala. It is the mother Temple of the Bahai faith in Africa, out of only seven in the World. And just like... View Article ...

The Season’s Crunchy Snack is here – Nsenene

Nsenene also known as grasshoppers need no professional cook or expensive ingredients to prepare them since they secrete their own oil and anyone starting from children, vendors or parents can prepare them. Every year in Uganda, the Nsenene season comes in twice; around April -May and also in November – December which are usually wet... View Article ...